Terms and Conditions

Bigfoot Entertainment Ltd. ("Bigfoot”) thanks you for your ideas, programs, literary material, and other suggestions. Please be aware that Bigfoot Entertainment only accepts submissions based on the policies outlined here.

Owner of a New Idea - Bigfoot will only accept material submitted in written form. You represent that the Materials are original to you, that you have the exclusive right to grant all rights in the Materials, and that you have exclusive rights in the title as regards its use in connection with the Materials.

Disclosure Not Confidential - You accept that Bigfoot may discuss your Materials with employees, and possibly others. You understand that any consideration of the Materials does not create a confidential relationship between you and Bigfoot.

Similar Ideas - Bigfoot may already be exploring programs and ideas generated by employees or other outside sources that resemble your submission. In some cases, your ideas may have been considered already by Bigfoot, or similar or identical ideas may be generated independently. Therefore, you agree to renounce any claim that Bigfoot misappropriated any ideas or portions of the Materials in any future Bigfoot programs or activities.

Submission Not Returned - Bigfoot is not obligated to return the Materials. You should keep a copy of the Materials. Do not send any materials you consider irreplaceable. You agree to release Bigfoot from any liability for loss or other damage to the Materials.

No Prejudice - Bigfoot's consideration of the Materials does not waive Bigfoot's right to contest your copyrights, trademark, or other intellectual property rights.

No Compensation - Review of Materials does not imply that Bigfoot agrees to compensate you. You also understand and agree that development or production of material containing features or elements similar or identical to those contained in the Materials shall not entitle you to any compensation if Bigfoot determines that it has an independent legal right to use such other material, either because the features/elements were not new or novel, were in the public domain, were not originated by you, were independently conceived, or because other persons may have submitted or may hereafter submit material containing similar or identical features/elements. You agree to waive and forever release Bigfoot from any claims, damages or causes of action of any kind based on similarities between the Materials and any programs, screenplays, films, dialogue or other content developed and/or produced by Bigfoot.

Litigation – As an express condition precedent to your initiation of any legal action hereunder, you agree to provide Bigfoot written notice by certified or registered mail at the address below, of any claim arising in connection with Materials or arising in connection with this Agreement, within the period of time prescribed by the applicable statute of limitations, but in no event more than ninety (90) calendar days after you acquire knowledge of such claim. You agree that, should you bring any action against Bigfoot for wrongful appropriation of the Materials or any part thereof, such action shall be limited to any action at law for damages; that in no event shall you be entitled to an injunction or any other equitable relief; and that, should you be unsuccessful in any action, you agree to reimburse Bigfoot all of its costs and expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees of in-house and outside counsel) entailed in defending or contesting such action.